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Retreat 1: 'Creating from Self'

As a participant you will be challenged to identify those essential qualities that make you unique and see how social pressure and self-imposed limits can shape how we behave and make us lose touch with our innate strengths, gifts, and even purpose. You will be challenged to unapologetically 'take your lid off,' recognize your personal leadership strengths and develop the capacity to be effective in a wide-range of circumstances and environments. Learning throughout this retreat will unfold and be reinforced by experiential exercises, dynamic group interactions, Co-Active® coaching and ongoing feedback.

Homework: An individual workshop/presentation will be designed and delivered prior to retreat two.

Retreat 2: 'Creating from Other'

Building on the powerful learning and self-awareness from the first retreat, you will become more aware of the different ways people learn and adapt. Fostering the ability to perceive and build on strengths inherent in others, you will be able to create powerful alliances and achieve mutual goals. You will experience opportunities to create 'in the moment' and discover how to work collaboratively, with new levels of trust and personal responsibility.

Homework: A collaborative project will be co-designed and delivered with another Leadership participant prior to retreat three.

Retreat 3: 'Creating from Nothing'

Equipped with a powerful new understanding of yourself and others, this retreat challenges you to become fully present. You will become even more mindful of your influence on others, learn how to create your desired impact and begin to take responsibility for that impact in all aspects of your life. You will learn to read and incorporate feedback in the moment, how to deal with distractions, use various techniques for adjusting the impact of timing and pacing, and to respond authentically to what's happening in the present environment.

Homework: A community project will be developed prior to retreat four.

Retreat 4: 'Creating from Everything'

The final retreat adds valuable new material about intentionally creating the impact you desire. You learn to work with, and create from chaos while being fully present, authentically self-expressed, and responsible for your impact. This level of leadership demands resourcefulness, clear intention, and breaking through self-limiting beliefs. As you learn to accept everything in the 'Co-Active dance,' conflict and tension become energizing forces for lifelong change. By the conclusion of retreat four, you will be ready to assume new responsibilities and leadership roles in your life and your profession while having a consistently positive impact on the world.