The Parentology Workshop

There is no better time to take advantage of the unique circumstances to develop best practices in parenting. Your life, your family, and most importantly, your kids will benefit immensely from what you will learn.

In this workshop, you’ll experience how to see the world through your children’s eyes and discover what’s really going on for them (you will be surprised and delighted). You’ll learn new concepts and practice new skills throughout the workshop using highly interactive exercises.

We have run digital workshops on Zoom for the past five years, so the online experience is well-established and at par with our in-person courses.

  • Look out for the announcement of new 2023 dates soon
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • 3 days, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (Dubai)
  • Price AED 3,000 + V.A.T.
  • Price per Couple AED 5,000 + V.A.T.

To save a spot on click on the link above and enter your details including the amount for the course.

It’s an experience that may simply change your life as you are enjoying the company of like-minded people. Instead of a “telling-you-what-to-do-approach,” we focus on developing thinking that will give you completely different ways to approach all your relationships.

Our workshop is not about using tools on your children so they will change. It’s about discovering who you are and who you choose to become to your child or to your parents. It’s a very different experience compared to other workshops.


Address the truths about relationships rather than try to solve superficial problems. Create impactful and lasting change that will make your family life easier and a lot more fun.

Learn how to skillfully design relationships, reboot relationships, and productively address behavior that you don’t like.

Connect with a group of like-minded people and facilitators for 3 days to take full advantage of our learning and social platform. there is no better time than now.


  • Walk away with a life-long community and life-changing new information
  • Make your relationships with your children better, less stressful and more collaborative
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and help those around you do the same
  • Become more skillful at communication, relationship-building and at creating trust
Gönan Premfors, the creator of Parentology and her TEDx Dubai talk about parenting