About Workshops

  • How many ICF accreditation hours will I receive?

    IN-COURSE CONTACT HOURS: Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals is a 2 ½ day course with 18.75 In Class Contact Hours; Fulfillment is a 3-day course with 21.50 In Class Hours; Balance, Process and Synergy are each 3-day courses with 21.25 In Class Contact Hours; Co-Active Certification Program is a 25-week tele-course of 96 hours.

  • Do I have to take the courses in order?

    Yes. Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals gives an overview of skills and creates the foundation to build skills in the intermediate series of courses and Certification Program.

    Each course builds on the last. Fulfillment looks at values and what brings the client alive in their life, and noticing and identifying the things that get in the way. Balance is about finding new perspectives so the client can make choices that support them in getting into action to move their life forward. Process involves being with clients where they are in their life and exploring their full range of experience and emotion, and Synergy is a place where coaches integrate coaching skills with their own unique talents to create their distinct style of coaching.

  • Are there prerequisites for the core courses or certification?

    There are no prerequisites for the first core course, Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals. The subsequent four workshops in the core course curriculum (Fulfillment, Balance, Process and Synergy) must be taken in order and therefore the course prior is a prerequisite. To qualify for the Certification Program, all five core courses are required to be completed.

  • How long does your program take?

    It takes approximately one year to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. The 5 core courses take six months on average, and the Certification Program takes an additional six months.


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